Entry Total

Entry Total Explained

At registration, you will be asked for your “Entry Total” for this event. This ought to be no more than a total you have hit before. At weigh-in, your declared opening snatch plus your declared opening clean & jerk should be within 20 kg of this Entry Total. There is no limit to how much you can go over the Entry Total for your declared opening lifts. You will want to choose a number for your Entry Total that will allow you to make both your initial snatch and your initial C&J.

We use the Entry Total to group lifters with others of comparable ability. It should also reduce the number of times that lifters will have to follow themselves on the platform.


  • 200 kg Entry Total; Opening snatch and opening C&J should total at least 180 kg (200 kg – 20 kg = 180 kg).

Let the organizers know if you have any questions about Entry Totals.

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